Everyone in this class needs to have a PayPal account and need to know how to install it to the web pages. 😉

Blossoming Code

paypal-752x440I’ve been working on learning about e-commerce, but also focusing on PayPal and all that you can do with PayPal. So here are the results of the research that I had conducted today.

Let’s talk about why their Website Payment Standard is fast, easy, and best of all low cost. It’s fast because you can make several types of buttons from PayPal or use pre-made ones, the best thing is that you can just copy-and-paste the HTML code into our site. It’s easy because you can use pre-made buttons and just copy-and-paste as mentioned earlier. There isn’t like an over price to buy the buttons or something like that PayPal takes 2.9% and $0.30 per transaction. That is something to keep in mind when making your prices.

The four methods that PayPal accepts would be the PayPal cards that are available, so the credit and debit PayPal cards. There are…

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