HTML5 Book Lessons

youtubeClick on YouTube Icon to find some great HTML5 tutorials but do not stop here; you must continue to the next step first.

These YouTube videos are here for you to realize the fantastic potential there on the Internet that you can use for your own learning.  Good luck!

2.  WPT Students:


In the the book named

“HTML and CSS 6th Edition  by  Carey, start your lessons in the page HTML 12 but only doing the light brown areas.  

↑ ↑ ↑ – Click on the picture (above) to find related files or go to the back cover of the book to find the instructions to download the files you will need for this course.

You only have 2 weeks to do this part of the program so, please do not waste your time doing anything different than your class framework.

Once you have the book done:

  • Log in to *Expand your Photoshop CS6 for Mac Tab and START your PRE-ASSESSMENT.   Click LearnKey Icon below:


  • Sure to go through each step to complete your Test.  (Test are allowed every 7 days).
  • HOWEVER, if you have enough knowledge to pass this test, you can go from the Pre-assessment to the Test and show to your instructor that you are trained in this area.

Once you have done the Test go to “MY TOOLS”, Activity Report, View Test Scores, and take an Screen Shot.  Summit it to your instructor via email or WordPress.