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How to create an internet presence in order to find a good job.

An online presence is the sum of all the identities you’ve created (can be both personal and business-driven) and the interactions those identities have established, and participated in, online.


Job Hunting in a Digital World

Your online presence has a very broad reach, and when built successfully it can spread brand awareness and gain you fans, followers, leads, customers and anything else you could ever want for your business.

What are your professional goals? 

First and foremost, it’s important that you understand what your business goals are – both short-term and long-term:


  • To begin you should do some research about SWOT analysis.
  • In your WordPress blog about SWOT method including your own goals as online entrepreneur or web developer. Writing your goals down but using SWOT method, you can easily refer back to them when you’re checking to make sure that what you’re doing online is helping you take a step forward.
    SWOT analysis is going to help you for the rest of your life every time you are in any kind of business or any time you think or you are planning to start new business.
  • As you start to build and grow your online presence, you should be constantly asking yourself how each of your online efforts are helping you take a step towards your business goals.

Don’t just build an online presence because you’re “supposed to”, build it strategically so that it can help your overall business goals.

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Post an article in your WORDPRESS describing at least 5 reasons why you should replace your traditional resume by online portfolio.

Be sure that you have LINKS to your Social Media in your WordPress Site.



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“Job Hunting in a Digital Word”.