Assignment for WordPress and Netiquette:

Job Hunting


When you use e-mail, instant messenger, video calls, or discussion boards to communicate with others online, please be sure to follow the rules of professional online communications known as netiquette.

These rules will help you communicate with instructors, classmates, and potential employers more effectively and will help prevent misunderstandings.

REMEMBER THE GOLDEN RULE – Even though you may be interacting with a computer screen, you are communicating with a real person who will react to your message. Make a good impression – treat others with the same respect that you would like to receive and avoid confrontational or offensive language. 

To help convey meaning when creating messages, it is sometimes acceptable to include appropriate emoticon symbols, such as a smiley face 🙂 However, for professional communications these would be inappropriate.

 AVOID SLANG, ACRONYMS, AND TEXT TALK – Communicating effectively in college and business environments requires the use of correct terminology, spelling, and grammar that can easily be understood. For example, use “your” instead of “ur”.

AVOID “SCREAMING” IN TYPED MESSAGES – Typing an entire message using all capital letters is known as “screaming”. It is distracting and generally frowned upon in professional environments. It is better to draw emphasis to selected words or phrases by: using italic or bold text; using a different color for text or background color; or denoting emphasis using special characters (Example: **Important**).

PROOFREAD YOUR MESSAGES BEFORE SENDING THEM – Proofreading your messages before you send them is a best practice for effective and efficient communication. Strive to make your communications concise and free of any:

    • Spelling and grammar errors
    • Confusing terms or phrases that could be misunderstood
    • Errors of omission, such as missing content or recipients
    • Errors in accuracy of information  


Go to YouTube, choose a good video about netiquette and publish it in your  WORDPRESS.

How to do it?
Go to your page Named  Web Media, click “edit”, click “add media” and click “insert from URL” copying and pasting the URL (http//:…..) from YouTube.

Below the video, write a blog to your online audience by encouraging them to follow the rules of netiquette and explaining why it is a good idea to do so.

(An email will be automatically sent to your instructor when you upload or post something new in your wordpress to be graded).