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The  Florida  Department  Of  Education  have designed the program number Y700100 – Web Development (this program) to be a gateway to web development career.

According to the FLDOE standard students are supposed to learn the basics of HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3 and take a overview at the most common script languages like PHP, JQuery and JavaScript and from my own experience I can attest that the course is achieving the expected results and I am living proof of that because I am a graduate from here.  Anyway, I think that most of the students in this class could learn much more than that while you guys are here and that’s why this part of the course is not mandatory but highly recommended.

I have designed this chapter to help students to take maximum advantage of the “JavaScript  Specialist Course” and to successfully get the CIW JavaScript  Specialist Industry Certification.

Each item mentioned here is part of the pre-assessment you must pass with at least a 65% score in order to access the course. 

If you are determined to succeed, talk to your instructor to access the online course.


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