Organizing to succeed


1st Step – Organization

YT700100 Standards: 01.0, 02.0, 03.0, 04.0

Organization is key and you will be graded on how organized your course work is. Points will be deducted if files are not organized correctly.
You will be checked on weekly basis.


Whenever you find the image on the left (Homework), pay special attention to your assignment because it will be graded.


Go to your iMac -Doing right click on your desktop -Create your class assignments folder. -Name it:”Web-Dev” …instructions below

File (folder) structure will be as follows:
The main folder needs to be placed on your desktop and called WebDev / Located inside that folder (Web-Dev) put a subfolder for each of the following subjects:

  1. Info Tech :                       About OCP-A 
  2. Web Designer 1 :            About OCP-B 
  3. Web Designer  2 :          About OCP-C
  4. Coder :                              About OCP-D

I want all assignments to go into the associated files. This requirement aims you get used since the beginning of this year to organize your files in a hierarchical manner for each website.


Backups are to be made at the end of every day. Many assignments are lost because of a lack of backing up. Unfortunately there is no credit for missing assignments.
(Keep saved your files in a Flash Drive or in a Cloud. It is your responsibility).

NOTE: Read all the resources given DO NOT SKIP ANY. Your lessons, practices and tests will have directions for where to take that test, where to post (normally WordPress) or how to proof you did your work.

Domain and Host:

Later in the program you will be required to obtain a Domain Name and a Host through, or any other hosting company of your choice.

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