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 FRAMEWORK 18.0        Incorporate images and graphical formatting on a webpage.
Why Photography is so important for Web design?
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The value of photography in web design

Many designers underestimate the importance of good photography. Don’t be one of them, says Kris Jeary of Squiders.

22Probably the biggest issue we have in designing a website is the lack of compelling photography.

I really can’t state enough just how vital a cog photography is, combined with well written copy it is the meat that goes on the bones of any site, no matter the subject (I will cover content writing in a separate post).

Let’s be clear, the internet is a visual media, visitors judge with their eyes and will only digest the content if you make the whole experience a pleasurable one.

Fit for purpose

No matter the images you have in your library they will rarely be suitable for the task. Sorry, but that is most often the case. You need photography that has been taken for purpose, by a professional and with a brief from both client and designer.

Consider the responsive nature of web design, different areas of the photo will be visible depending on the device size. The exact same web page is then rendered differently on different devices but we still keep control.

Directing the shoot

The biggest benefit for me (as a designer) is the ability to direct the shoot in order to obtain images that will work seamlessly with the website, I’m not having to compromise design to fit in with pre-existing images, images that haven’t been taken for purpose.

The aim of design is to direct the visitor down paths that will lead to a sale, either online (with eCommerce) or by contacting the company. Every element is important in this and photography, massively so.

To watch next videos put YouTube Settings (the gear) in HD video quality, ask your instructor for a Camera to compare what you are learning and take notes.



In your WordPress Professional Portfolio, explain what youHomework-128 have learned using your own pictures or drawing (Google images NOT accepted):


  • The 3 basic of Exposure
  • Why using RAW pictures is better
  • Research about Rule Of Third (Photography)

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