Style Element

The style element (Style Tag) allows authors to embed style information in their documents, it is one of several inputs to the styling processing model.

The element does not represent content for the user.


h1 {color:red;}
p {color:blue;}

<h1>A heading</h1>

Required Assignment


<p>A paragraph.</p>

As you can see,The style element must be within the <head> </ head> of the HTML document. Remember that everything that is inside the <head> </ head> will be hide to the public and is only there to be read by the system.

Click here to do it by yourself. w3

and go to to www.w3schools./style to learn about it.

Recommended Tools

Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator


Links to CSS gradients documentation: W3C, Firefox, Safari and Chrome (Webkit), Internet Explorer and Opera.



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