Senior Web Designer

OCP-D:  CTS016 - CTS017 /  Prototyping, Web, User Experience


Sketch is described by its creators as a lightweight and easy-to-use design tool for the Mac. The design community has been using Sketch to design everything from user experiences for applications, to brand identities and flowcharts, to information architecture strategy, screen designs for inclusion in prototyping environments, as well as responsive website design. And designers are finding more and more uses for this design tool every day. In this course, we’ll be using Sketch to design two layouts for a responsive website and two screens for a mobile app.

This project will give us the opportunity to use a wide range of features in the software, including setting type, importing and cropping large images, creating symbols, making type-in object styles, as well as working with artboards of varying sizes. And once we complete our layout we’ll use the powerful export features of Sketch, allowing us to quickly provide ready-to-use optimized web graphics that we can hand off to our web designers and front-end developers for inclusion in the final development of our design.

Enjoy it!

hackerYou only have 1 week to do this part of the program so, please do not waste your time doing anything different than your class framework.  

  • Click on the here or on the SKETCH DIAMOND LOGO and get the Sketch FREE TRIAL.
  • Go to Orange County Public Library (Technology Skills), click on then login using your credentials to have access to the courses and learning files.
    (If you do not have a Library Card, ask to your instructor for help).
  • Type in their Search Bar “Sketch Essential Training: The Basics (2017)with Chris Converse.

    Topics include:

      • Creating artboards
      • Adding a navigation bar
      • Working with fonts
      • Adding artwork and logos
      • Exporting artboards and assets
      • Collaborate with Sketch Cloud
    • Making design changes
  • Follow the 3 suggested next courses.

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