Information Technology


You are starting course OTA00040

 Weeks 1 through 5 / 150 hours
(But I hope you have this done during the first week, you will value the time you save in the future to learn more interesting things.)OCP

Completion of the CORE competencies required by the Florida Department of Education for OCP A (OTA0040)

This certification will be the first of four (4) Occupational Completion Points (OCP) you have to complete in order to get your diploma as a Web Developer.

  1. OCP-A  Information Technology Assistant
  2. OCP-B  Assistant Web Designer
  3. OCP-C  Web Designer
  4. OCP-D  Senior Web Designer

  5. Tip: According to our Timeline you have 5 weeks to complete this first part of the program but it would be very good (for you) if you manage to get the first "OCP" as soon as possible. The time you save now will be very valuable when you are building your first web pages.

    The purpose of this course is to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends and to introduce students to the basics required for today’s business environments.

    There is a path with which you will be guided through the entire course. Always follow the “NEXT LESSON”  button that is located at the bottom of each page.