Assistant Web Designer

Starting Courses  CTS0070 and CTS0071

 Weeks 6 through 15 /300 Hours



Tell your instructor that you have achieved this OCP level.

if you've got here it is because you've reached the OCP-A. Talk to your instructor to check your progress and update your status in Orange County Public Schools System to start counting your time in the following course (OCP) and receiving your first certification for this program.

This certification will be the second of four Occupational Completion Points (OCP) that you have to complete in order to get your diploma as a Web Developer.

  1. OCP-A  Information Technology Assistant
  2. OCP-B  Assistant Web Designer
  3. OCP-C  Web Designer
  4. OCP-D  Senior Web Designer


It’s time to have a look into your WordPress and make improvements to enhance functionality and good looks.

At this point you should have the ability to create wordpress “Pages” that are different from the Blog and must have a coherent menu bar to offer a friendly navigation experience to your followers.

Make sure to put links that open new pages and are related to the images and videos that you are displaying.

If you are not feeling comfortable with your skills in WordPress, please stop here, research about it (ask for help to your instructor if necessary) and make the improvements in your CMS (Content Management System) WordPress.

Common Career Technical Core – Career Ready Practices = OCP-A


01 Methods and strategies for using Florida Standards , reading in Technical Subjects for student success in Digital Design.

02. Methods and strategies for using Florida Standards , writing in Technical Subjects for student success in Digital Design.

03. Methods and strategies for using Florida Standards, Mathematical Practices in Technical Subjects for student success in Digital Design.

04. Demonstrate proficiency in computer skills.

05. Demonstrate knowledge of digital publishing concepts.

06. Perform decision-making activities

07. Perform layout, design, and measurement activities.

08. Demonstrate proficiency in digital publishing operations.