Photoshop CC


Learning to educate yourself will be the best way to success in digital professions. Every day “this” is going to be new and different.

You have different options to learn Photoshop in this class.

Here you will find The Photoshop Visual Dictionary to learn basic terms and tasks!
Click the image.


While you are taking the course, please try to memorize the terminology to be prepared when the time for Industry Certification Test comes.


Go to ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS and choose BEGINNER (10 videos) or EXPERIENCED (15 videos), depending on your case but if you are a beginner, you are expected to do both; BEGINNER and EXPERIENCED (25 video Tutorials).

Keep your final tutorial files on your computer desktop and share with your instructor after finishing the video 25 tutorials.

BEGINNERS: Take a look at “More photography basics” video collection and “More design basics”, they’re pretty good!.

Enjoy your journey!!!


2.  Go to your Public Library and using your library card number and password, access to through the library. (if you close the library window, the LYNDA.COM may stop responding).

 orange-county public-library-logo-blue


Once inside LYNDA, search for Photoshop CC 2015 Essential Training with Julieanne Kost, and follow the tutorials. Please make sure you are reporting to your instructor each time you complete a chapter and keep the tutorial files as “the proof” of your progress.

It is a 12hours 27minutes training.  


Here are 3 HOMEWORKS:

This homework is not only designed for you to practice your new skills in Photoshop, but it’s also a way to start putting your mind into “designer mode” so it’s important to begin understanding the basic structure of a website. Take into consideration the hierarchy of the site in terms of navigation.

Using only your Photoshop Program, you are going to design a tradicional HOME PAGE (With menu, pictures, icons and some text content) based on the “Design document” of your ONLINE PORTFOLIO by using: text effects, emboss, shadows, images, white spaces and the right combination of colors. BUT before doing that, you are going to create a “Sitemap” on a sheet of paper.

A Sitemap is like the table of contents in a book or an organizational chart.


Coaching Sitemap Illustration

Then, on another piece of paper or digital file, define the wireframe by making a schematic drawing of the website where you will show: the positions, sizes of the content and functions in the way they will be displayed. It does not include visual elements such as color or images, nor will it contain real blocks of text. You can think of “Wireframe” as a pencil sketch.



Finally, you are going to put all these ideas together on your PHOTOSHOP homework, like the image shown below. Save the file as a JPG and send it by email to your instructor but please keep your PSD file until your instructor has reviewed it as well as having discussed with you your work done on sheets of paper.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 2.25.33 PM


Create Animated Banners for your websites.

Every designer will be asked to create a banner ad at some point in their career, whether it’s a stand alone advert or just one deliverable within a much larger campaign. On a very basic level, this is like any other design job if you wish to simply create a static banner which for many purposes is fine. So, if you wish to really catch the eye of the viewer or, indeed, have a lot of information to convey, then you’ll need to create an animated banner.


button3 copy

And design a poster with the following measures:

Click here for Inspiration


Standard Sizes:   22″ x 28″   /    24″ x 36″   /   30″ x 40″

Please do the 3 sizes with some differences according to the spaces but keep the same concept and main images.

Label it with the name of a party, celebration or seasonal concert by inviting the public to attend it. Write real or fictitious contact information -but make it look REAL.

Save the .psd (Photoshop) files but RESEARCH about the best GRAPHIC FILE FORMAT when printing posters.

Main Question: Which Graphics File Format Is Best To Use When?

Post the answer on your WordPress and make a copy of your work in the best format for standard size posters.          Click for Sample Here

(Screenshot, Jpeg and Gif files will be accepted only if accompanied by PDS files with all visible layers.)


-did you know that using PHOTOSHOP you CAN make this kind of animated GIF ?

Let’s vitit “WITNESS THIS” to enjoy great digital art!!!

Let DarkAngelØne’s dreamlike worlds be an inspiration and reminder that there is purpose and meaning for the talent living in each and every one of us.